ICC concept



The tradition of making mission roof tiles and bricks at the area of Cerovlje and Borut spans some two hundred years. The clay was dug up and moulded by hand at first, air-dried and finally baked in field furnaces or frnaže.

The beginning of manufacturing can be traced back to the Austrian industrialist J. L. Münz who, in 1904, installed in Borut a circular furnace, a drying plant, a chimney and an engineering room with presses for moulding bricks, thereby laying the foundation for industrial manufacturing. After several years, due to bountiful sites containing brick clay, the entrepreneur Antonio Mezzar from Previže near Cerovlje constructed a brickyard in Cerovlje, the capacity of which was somewhat larger than the one in Borut.

There were ups and downs in the brickyard’s business in the period between the two world wars, and several owners took their turn. During the Second World War, from 1943 until the end of the war, factories were closed. After 1945, the factories came under national ownership and were unified, capacities were restored, and they served as the bedrock of development in the post-war period as one of the few established industries in central Istria. During that period, the facility was modernised and the manufacturing capacity increased. The company operated under the name Ciglane Cerovlje – Borut and served in that capacity as the forerunner to the company that stands today.

Due to depletion of the local sites with the raw material, brick was no longer produced in the Borut facility after 1975, and several years later, manufacturing was shifted to concrete blocks as complementary construction material.

Mr Rudolf Grabar is at the head of the company since 1996. During that time the company started a new chapter and experienced significant growth and changes as well as numerous investments that will ultimately lead ICC concept to what it is today – a contemporary, stable and responsible company.

The first major investment in the modernisation of the manufacturing line for precast concrete products was in 2005. The investment increased capacity and product quality.

There was a new investment in 2006 which centred on constructing and implementing a facility for exclusive manufacturing of cement briquettes. The manufacturing of bricks in Cerovlje was stopped in 2008, and a mixed-purpose business zone was developed in the area.

The market is continuously monitored, as well as technological achievements, and the company currently boasts leading state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for precast concrete elements in the area.

Employee training has been a focus for years, and the company proudly employs highly professional and qualified personnel.

Manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the process organisation standard ISO 9001:2015 and the environmental protection standard in accordance with ISO 14001:2015. Special attention is given to employee protection.

Manufacturing facilities today operate at full capacity, and QUBIK products are their own best advertisement and the promoter of ICC concept.