ICC concept

Technology. Innovation. Tradition.
QUBIK concrete products.

  • ICC concept is a company that manufactures construction material and is the legal successor of the company Istarska ciglana d.o.o. with a 115-year tradition of industrial manufacturing of construction material.

  • The tradition of making mission roof tiles and bricks at the area of Cerovlje and Borut spans some two hundred years. The clay was dug up and moulded by hand at first, air-dried and finally baked in field furnaces or frnaže.

  • Brick

    Concrete blocks

    Production in accordance with ISO quality standards and environmental protection guarantees the quality of products that appear on the market under the QUBIK trademark.

  • Environmental management policy

    The company’s sustainable economic development that includes care, protection and management of the environment with constant cooperation and communication with the surroundings in which we live and work is the basic guideline of our behaviour.

  • Chimneys

    Consist of concrete chimney lining, ceramic pipe, addition for the furnace and addition for the door, insulating panel, chase cover, cleaning doors, ventilation louver and condensation container.

  • QUBIK Stone Box

    Easily portable steel cage filled with stone, ready for installation.

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  • OIB: 87010733430
    Porezni broj: 3056155
    Temeljni kapital: 9.714.900,00 kn (uplaćen u cijelosti)
    Uprava: Jasminka Grabar, Rudolf Grabar, Aleksandar Grabar
    Društvo je upisano kod Trgovačkog suda u Pazinu pod brojem 040041135
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